Georges Heights a work in progress “the look of seamless integration” - planted trees/wetlands/deck over garage/multiple levels of greenroofs/container plantings/rock plantings.

'My involvement with greenwalls and greenroofs came from a childhood interest in lithophytic and epiphytic plants. Difficult sites with shallow or no soil became palettes of experimental plantings and planting techniques all of this done in residential landscape on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. All the planting techniques, medias and methodology (and technology) that has been developed for greening and reclaiming the built environment came from my interest in plants + their ecology. Observing plant communities in habitat, utilising bio-diverse plantings to cater for the full range of niches available on site, reducing resources used to both accommodate and maintain them. Many of these “gardens” are in effect large seamless greenroof/ greenwall transitions using a variety of these techniques developed over more than 25 years.'


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