Residential Greenroof / Ecopillow


Architect, Jon Jacka was successful in being awarded the NSW Architecture Award for residential architecture (alterations and additions) for the renovations on this house in Newtown with the Judges making special comment about how striking the green roof was.

Top 4 images courtesy of the architect, Jon Jacka

“I believe our new lightweight gabions, which can be created into any shape or size are the solution architects, builders and designers have been looking for. Designed using 94% recycled materials, they are not only adaptable but also sustainable.” Mark Paul.

  • Key facts about the next generation lightweight gabions include
  • A replacement option for concrete planters with traditional heavy media
  • Fraction of the weight and associated costs of old fashioned planter boxes
  • All plants and plantings and hidden structure
  • Perfect for drainage and storm water runoff
  • Made from local recycled inorganic media and fabrics