Benefits of greenwalls in the workplace

Greenwalls work exceptionally well at minimising the effects of the concrete jungle associated with urban infrastructure, while improving social and economic value, a paper from Urrestarazu attests.

When a business takes a step in wanting to improve their corporate responsibility strategy by installing greenwalls, whether they are inside or outside vertical gardens or greenroofs, they have the potential to bring social, environmental, and even financial benefits (think of increased productivity which comes with an elevated mood) for companies.

The concept of green in a world of grey is immediately uplifting in an urban jungle world. Think about your mood elevation when you receive flowers or you walk into a garden abundant with greenery, it’s not just the amenity, in the case of a garden, plants convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen, so it makes complete sense that you feel you can breathe better and suddenly feel more alive.

The benefits of Greenwalls are:

  1. Purifies air
  2. Noise level reduction
  3. Increases employee wellbeing
  4. Increases productivity and innovation
  5. Reduces ambient temperature and energy costs
  6. Improves brand reputation
  7. Improves biodiversity

When you list out the benefits greenwalls can provide it really makes good business sense. If you’re thinking about adding some greenery into your office space, I highly recommend you consider living greenwalls as an option versus potted or artificial plants.