Eco Pillow

Pre-grown modular lightweight living pillow

Lighter, faster, the ecoPillow offers all the proven benefits of a green roof while radically reducing risk and cost of the roofing structure.

The ecoPillow structure and the growing medium were developed for their lightweight properties, just 60kg/m2 and made of 94% recycled material. By reducing the overall weight, we reduce the builders need for additional structural support and open the possibility of retrofitting.

The ecoPillow can be easily relocated, further enhancing its adaptability. As a pre-grown, and fully encased product, the ecoPillow is incredibly quick to install and reduces the risk of failure from extreme weather conditions, wind scour or rain erosion. The semi mature plants provide cover from day one, reducing establishment time, and the likelihood of weed invasion – the two primary drivers of maintenance cost.


  • Light weight and modular
  • Pre-grown
  • Greater insulation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily relocated