Announcing the Walk and Talk Greening Series

Media Release - June 2018

Horticulturist and Founder of The Greenwall Company, Mark Paul has teamed up with Chris Poulton of the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) to launch a new platform providing industry professionals and students with the opportunity to learn from the best in horticulture.

The new Walk & Talk series will see a variety of industry professionals take horticulturists, students and green thumbs alike through the latest innovations and providing a platform to brainstorm and work together to reclaim the built environment.

Leading the discussion of the first talk, Mark Paul encourages those looking to further develop their careers in the horticulture industry to actively take part in the events. “We have created these events to help take the horticulture industry of Australia to the next level. Affiliated with the AIH these talks credit participants 3 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

“By generating conversation about new and innovative technologies we hope to connect industry professional and students generating excitement for the future of horticulture,” said Mark.

Event Details:

Date:               Friday, 22nd June 2018

Time:               10am

Location:         Barrenjoey Headland, Palm Beach

Who:                Mark Paul


Topics to be covered:

  • The 1980’s bush regeneration of sand dunes.
  • Regenerating florals both native, feral and even some endemic forms specific to the headlands.
  • Ecology and water flow plant communities.
  • Kuringai Chase National Park and Boudi National Parks
  • Sydney basin endemism
  • ........And much, much more!

About the Greenwall Company:

The Greenwall Company are the pioneers of greenwalls and green roofs in Australia. Founded by Mark Paul, a horticulturist, designer and advocate for greening cities, The Greenwall Company use award winning design techniques across both residential and commercial projects, bringing greenwalls to a new level of integration within the urban environment. Their vision is to reclaim the urban environment, wrapping facades of buildings with epiphytic and lithophytic plants creating living, breathing architectural function.

For further information, images or to speak with Mark Paul from The Greenwall Company please contact:

Rachel King – 360 PR: P- 02 9571 4448  |  0423 833 814 or