Factors to consider when deciding on a greenwall

There are a few factors you should really consider when deciding on the type of greenwall you choose, but also how to get the best and more importantly long-lasting result. Before you hit go on the installation, make sure you have considered…

  • Plant selection is key to a long living greenwall: Choose wisely in the first place and consult an expert.
  • The aspect of the room is important: Keep in mind it needs a well- lit, well-ventilated location.
  • A soil-less growing medium is best: Our medium supports the environment and is lighter-weight, so it won’t put additional stress on the wall structure.
  • Fine-tune your watering system: Install irrigation to nurture the garden with the correct amount of watering year-round.
  • Get creative! While greenwalls are designed to help to beautify and reclaim the built environment, they’re also works of art. Make a stunning statement!

Now is the best time of year to get your greenwall installed and flourishing – check out some of our designs here.