Greening predictions and trends in Australia

2018 is going to be all about lightweight planters and maximising greenspace. Thanks to our new lightweight gabion design set to launch in the new year, we now have a new greening solution for any space.

Our Founder and horticulturalist, Mark Paul, has been testing and trialling new ways of greening spaces keeping in mind they need to be cost-efficient, space saving and last the lifetime of the building or surface they are applied to.

Our new lightweight gabions, which can be created into any shape or size are the solution architects, builders and designers have been looking for. Designed using 96% recycled materials, they are not only adaptable but also sustainable.

Key facts about the next generation lightweight gabions include:

  • A replacement option for concrete planters with traditional heavy media
  • Fraction of the weight and associated costs of old fashioned planter boxes
  • All plants and plantings and hidden structure
  • Perfect for drainage and storm water run off
  • Made from local recycled inorganic media and fabrics

We are currently doing a 17M3 lightweight gabion structure for a new kindergarten to take a mature Ficus platypoda. The storm-loaded weight should now be around 7,000kg as opposed to 60,000kg for conventional containment and media. The installation cost is a fraction of the cost saved in concrete and steel.