Sustainable edible greenwalls for inner-city gardens

Gone are the days of planting and re-planting your backyard herb and veggie patch. Today, the way forward is edible greenwalls that are sustainable, fitted with automated irrigation systems and incorporates sturdy plants, which ensure a low maintenance garden.

Edible greenwalls are a lot easier to maintain than a regular garden bed, however many people fall into the trap of not watering their plants and end up with withered fruit and vegetables.  We have created the perfect solution, which ensures that your edible greenwall is not only flourishing but will also be sustainable.

The increase in apartment living has brought more interest in edible greenwalls and greenwalls in general. The plant species we use are beautiful and actually produce some great fruits that won’t wither like delicate herbs and vegetables – making it aesthetically appealing, functional and sustainable.

The greenwalls are created with our own unique irrigation system which takes the worry out of having to physically water the plants. The irrigation system is on a timer so they maintain themselves!

Some of the plants that can be used for the sustainable edible greenwall include the ananas comosus (pineapple), a range of edible cactus, aechmea, and neoregelia, which produce edible berries.