The biggest bathroom design trend of 2019

We are pleased to reveal the biggest design trend we predict for 2019 – greenwalls in the bathroom. Greenwalls have grown significantly in popularity this year and as a result, are more readily available in a variety of designs for bathrooms.

There are a number of benefits to greening your bathroom including improved wellbeing and home air quality, absorption of pollutants and noise, and guaranteed aesthetic impact, now home improvement shows are driving the greenwall trend.

With so many benefits to green living and design, the trend is evolving and becoming more popular. Greenwalls in the bathroom are low maintenance – they eliminate unwanted pollutants and toxic fumes from the bathroom and only need to be maintained a few times a year.

30 years ago, we built what is believed to be the very first greenwalls in Australia – now today with green design being an influential part of the public domain, design interest has progressed, and we have seen a significant increase in demand over the past 12 months.

Adding a greenwall to your bathroom will give amenity and help regulate the temperature and increase relative humidity and air oxygenation in your home.