The greenroof set to take over installations in 2018

We are predicting that greenroofs will take over greenwall installations this year.

In the year to date, we have received a marked increase in roof inquiries with the popularity of their adaptable EcoPillow design growing due to the fact it is so lightweight and easily customised.

More and more we are opting for EcoPillow installations on jobs. We first designed the EcoPillow back in 2014 and from there it has evolved into a highly adaptable and sustainable way of greening all surfaces, not just the roof.

EcoPillow facts and figures:

  • Lighter and faster production versus traditional greenwalls
  • Radically reducing risk and cost of the roofing structure
  • The EcoPillow weighs in at just 60kg/m2
  • They are made of 94% recycled material
  • By reducing the overall weight, they reduce the builders need for additional structural support and open the possibility of retrofitting
  • Provide greater insulation
  • Can be easily relocated

Newtown homeowners short on outdoor space recently completed their greenroof installation. The entire roof was covered our EcoPillows, which was contributing factor to their council approval for development as it added to the greenspace percentage required.

As land size is reducing, greenwalls and greenroofs provide a great lightweight and modular pre-grown product that is incredibly quick to install and reduces the risk of failure from extreme weather conditions, wind scour or rain erosion. The semi mature plants provide cover from day one, reducing establishment time, and the likelihood of weed invasion – the two primary drivers of maintenance cost.

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