The many unknown benefits of greening spaces

Following many years of research and innovation, there are many unknown benefits of greening spaces:

  1. Can be installed indoors or outdoors without limitations of dimensions and luminosity
  2. Countless creative possibilities: no two installations look the same. Guaranteed aesthetic impact!
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Thermal isolation of any surface, resulting in great energy savings
  5. Absorption of pollutants and noise, greatly improving acoustics
  6. Increase of relative humidity and air oxygenation
  7. An independent frame, which is attached to the wall, thus preventing moisture contact; and of course can be moved to a new location
  8. Carbon is withdrawn from the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse effect
  9. Made from reused and recycled materials
  10. Total automatization supports the perfect functioning of the drip reticulation system, minimising maintenance and water consumption (the water can also be recycled)