The new trend in apartment living

Balcony cluttered with pots? No room for an outdoor setting let alone a BBQ?

We have the solution for you. Greenwalls, also known as vertical gardens, are the new apartment must-have. Not only do greenwalls free up space so you make the most of your balcony, they are also great for the environment too.

We have created our own unique system that over a 12 month period will only use water, equivalent to approximately 4.5 showers to maintain and can be run off grey water where available. The greenwalls are also constructed using 94 per cent of recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

The great thing about apartment greenwalls is not only do they look great and become the feature of the property, but you don’t need to worry about physically watering them. The irrigation system is set up on timers so they maintain themselves and there’s no need to get the neighbours in to water the garden when you go on holidays.

If our Greenwalls were designed into the original plans of the building, the cost to the resident when installing a greenwall would be substantially less. There is talk of government rebates for the building companies, so it’s really a win win situation.