Top 5 plants for bathroom greening

As predicted, greenwalls in the bathroom have been in the rise this year and we expect demand to continue as we approach 2020.

Along with a number of health benefits to greening your bathroom, such as improved wellbeing and air quality, and help regulate the temperature, greenwalls also look stunning, create visual impact and will impress all house guests when entertaining.

The hardest part is choosing which plants will be best! Mark Paul has some favourites to share that are perfect for the bathroom.

Mark’s top 5 plants for bathroom greenwalls:

  • Boston Fern [Nephrolepsis] – A popular variety of fern with cascading fronds, the Boston fern has pantropical to subtropical distribution.
  • Bromeliads – Incredible plants that release oxygen and removes air pollutants during the night.
  • Aroids – With beautiful foliage, amazing flowers and berries, they perform well indoors and in lower-light conditions.
  • Gesneriads – African violet family, repeat flowering tremendously beautiful and eye-catching. It’s a perfect design feature for the bathroom.
  • Peperomias – Peperomias clean the air with sympatric soil flora associations that bind and breakdown chemicals, such as formaldehyde or other indoor toxins associated with building construction and fitout.