Don’t get us wrong, we love soil and the beautiful rich organics in our gardens. Nothing like cracking open your compost bin, when it’s ready, and running your hands through that black gold. However, the soil needs to stay in our gardens. The world of vertical human landscapes needs to be treated a little differently.

At The Greenwall Company we have been using soilless media in our installations for the past 30 years. Our specialised growing media is created with lightweight recycled materials, combined with 18 secret herbs and spices. This combination produces an ultra-lite medium for life to thrive and does not break down or need replacing over time. Here we delve into this, exploring the benefits of soilless inorganic media over traditional soil and unveiling the future of sustainable growth.

  1. Recycle or reuse

Often soilless inorganic media is crafted from by products or recycled materials. Our media is crafted from recycled materials like PET bottles, polystyrene, and even ground coffee bean waste. By repurposing these materials, we reduce waste and create eco-friendly alternatives to traditional soil.

  1. Sustainability through longevity.

The inorganic nature of soilless media means that it doesn’t break down over time like traditional soil.

Have a look at your pot plant in your house and you will see that the soil line is not where you first planted it. This is fine for your home but not when you are dealing with vertical landscapes, with tricky access. We design for longevity, so our media won’t break down over time and still maintains healthy growth.

  1. Enhanced Drainage and Aeration

Unlike traditional soil, soilless inorganic media offer superior drainage and aeration. This fosters healthier root systems, reducing the risk of waterlogging and providing optimal oxygen levels essential for plant growth.

  1. Lightweight and Manageable

The weight of soilless inorganic media can be significantly lighter than traditional soil, making it more manageable and adaptable to various gardening setups. This ease of use allows for more versatile applications, even in challenging spaces.

  1. Nutrient Retention and Customisation

Soilless media can offer excellent nutrient retention, providing a controlled environment for plants to thrive. Moreover, they allow for precise customisation of nutrient levels, offering tailored solutions for specific plant needs.

  1. Reduced Risk of Pests and Diseases

One of the standout advantages of soilless inorganic media is its reduced susceptibility to pests and diseases. This minimises the risk of infestations and soil-borne  diseases, promoting healthier plant growth.

  1. Eco-Friendly Insulation

In addition to nurturing plants, soilless inorganic media contribute to eco-friendly insulation. In greenwalls and roofs, they act as natural insulators, regulating temperatures and contributing to energy efficiency.

At The Greenwall Company, our commitment to sustainable solutions drives our commitment to soilless inorganic media. Join us on this journey towards eco-friendly growth, where soilless inorganic media redefine the boundaries of sustainable horticulture. The future of gardening should be lighter, greener, and more environmentally responsible.