Ditch the pots, and soil! As the leaders in greenwall and greenroof technology we’re thrilled to release our new Plant Gabions. Made from galvanised steel mesh, these lightweight gabions feature recycled inorganic media with the containment fabric made from recycled materials, plus they come with drip irrigation included. 

They offer a great alternative for traditional pots and planters. Not only are they better for the environment due to them being made of 95% recycled materials, but are lightweight so can be easily moved and are cost effective to install.

The low maintenance Plant Gabions are available in six different sizes but can also be created to bespoke dimensions and shapes where required. Each gabion is constructed in Australia using recycled materials including broken down PET bottles, polystyrene and our patented media. The centre plants are planted first and then the casing is also planted to create a lush design no matter what the space or size.

About the Plant Gabions:

  • Galvanised steel mesh gabion
  • Lightweight recycled inorganic media 
  • All containment fabrics are recycled 
  • Drip irrigation included
  • All bespoke in design and plant pallet 
  • No traditional soil used, patented soilless media made of 97% recycled materials only 
  • Minimal maintenance due to media used and plant selection