In recent times there has been a growing trend in green living and design, as a result greenwalls and green roofs have become very popular. Both have been praised and awarded for their aesthetic appeal, but many people are not aware of the environmental and health benefits they provide according to various international studies.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve noticed the growing popularity of greenwalls and green roofs and the move towards green living. We’ve seen this trend in both commercial and residential buildings. 

Greenwalls have been viewed as a living art pieces, which adds instant character to any room or wall that it is put on. Apart from being beautiful to look at, greenwalls provide a number of benefits in urban environments.

Some of the benefits of greenwalls and greenroofs include:

  • Low maintenance – the wall can be left to grow out and can be maintained a couple times a year, depending on the look you are after.
  • Improved air quality – Greenwalls are a natural air-filter. The plants in the greenwall help metabolise toxins in the air, while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air but at a much larger scale than the usual potted plants. 
  • Noise level reduction – When placed inside, greenwalls can help reduce noise levels. The plants in the greenwall block high frequency sounds and the structure it is built on can help reduce low frequency noise. 
  • Energy cost reduction – In the warmer months, greenwalls help cool the air through the process of evapotranspiration, which lessens the use of the air conditioner. 
  • Health benefits – A Texan study of post-surgery patients recovering in hospitals also showed further health benefits, recording quicker recovery and less chance of relapse if patients could look out onto green space.

We have also created our own unique automated irrigation systems, which are built into each of our installations. Over a 12-month period, a standard panel will only require the equivalent of 4.5 showers worth of water to maintain the wall, with future plans to use black water.