With the right plant selection, soilless media, and the use of 95% recycled materials for the base, our floating gabions are a great low maintenance solution for stripping nutrient loads from ponds and lakes to add greenspace that is adaptable and easily moved from season to season.

Our founder Mark Paul created his first pond gabion back in 2011 for the pond in his residential greenspace award winning family home. Since then, he has adapted and tested different soilless media to ensure they are lightweight and easily moveable and introduced new materials and design templates to enable commercial use for larger scale projects.  Adding another element to the small ecological systems tailored to the built environment.

Mark explains, “Our gabions are not just a one-size fits all solution as no two spaces are the same, especially when it comes to planting factors such as light, wind and aspect. We are also able to create unique shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for all locations.

“The floating gabions are a great way to and amenity to wet areas, at an affordable cost, with a great outcome. Adding greenery to ponds and lakes not only further enhances the natural beauty of the environment, but also the health benefits of getting out at about or relaxing in the garden,” said Mark.  

Key facts about The Greenwall Company’s Floating Gabions:

  • All bespoke in design and plant pallet
  • Lightweight and easily moveable.  Easy to cut back root and foliage mass 4-5 times yearly to strip and recycle nutrient loads
  • No traditional soil used, patented soilless media made of 97% recycled materials only
  • Minimal maintenance due to media used and plant selection